A small collection of gentle yoga classes.

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  • Wrist Free - Gentle Flow

    This gentle wrist free sequence is wonderful for moving through the standing poses of Hatha yoga without having to compress into wrists and shoulders. Enjoy a warrior sequence, the balance of a tree and the warmth of a squat before releasing your body back toward the mat for a well deserved rest.

  • Trusting Now - Gentle Flow

    This slow Hatha practice is designed to gently open the spaces of the body by following the movement of the breath as an ultimate guide, trusting the natural rhythm and pace of the breath. The class will warm our bodies, move us through a short integrated standing sequence (without any plank pose...

  • Quiet and Slow

    As the name of the practice suggests this class moves quietly and slowly.

    Although we will active the muscles of the body through a variety of standing poses, we will move into each posture with care, remain for only as long as feels right, and retreat with full awareness.

    Come into yourself ...

  • Moon Salutations

    This class is my non-traditional Moon salutation. Moon (or lunar) salutations move slower than sun salutations, and look to avoid big reaching opening postures, and also steer clear of deep strengthening poses like yoga push-ups and wide open back bends.

    Seat yourself facing the long edge of th...

  • Rest

    Rest is a restorative class that encourages you to rest every place of you - body, heart and mind.

    Make passive space in your back, hips, side body and chest in this restful restorative practice.