Join Chelsea Eisses for a Prenatal Yoga Series, designed to move with you through your entire pregnancy journey, from the first to the third trimester.

Over this 18 class series, you are invited to slow down, hold space for all that is changing, and take time to connect.

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  • 1st Trimester Precautions

    Precautionary reminders for mothers practicing yoga asana within their first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Meet Yourself Where You Are (1st Trimester -1)

    Maybe now more than ever is the most meaningful time to meet yourself exactly where you are. This gentle, all-levels prenatal flow is the first of the series that will invite you to connect with your body, exactly as it is, and in all the ways it will change in the months to come. This class in p...

  • Begin Again (1st Trimester - 2)

    The beauty of our yoga practice is intended to remind us of our innate power to come back to ourselves, to pause, take a couple of deep and nourishing breaths, and begin again. Motherhood is a continuous and unfolding lesson in beginning again. May we use this practice to start now.

  • Trust (1st Trimester - 3)

    A practice designed to remind us that all we really need is already within us. Take the time to tune into your body, it knows what to do. Take the time to tune into your heart, it knows as well. The world can be a loud and overwhelming place when we are focusing our attention outside. May we use ...

  • Grounded (1st Trimester - 4)

    Grounding practices can be incredibly healing for all of us, but particularly so for an expecting mother. Whether you are having your first baby or adding to your family, the birth of a new child comes with many unknowns. Taking the time to explore various breathing tools and mental points of foc...

  • Good to Go (1st Trimester - 5)

    A prenatal class for those days, especially early on in your pregnancy, where you feel pretty good to go - your body and energy feel good. Very similar to a Hatha Flow you may take anywhere else, but with loving care to avoid deep twists across the centre of our abdomen, giving baby the chance to...

  • Feeling Good, Feeling Strong (1st Trimester - 6)

    A feel-good flow to warm the body up from the inside out, exploring our strength while mindfully avoiding deep over-arching backbends and across the center twists. This practice will make space through the chest and upper back, as well as in the pesky areas of hips and hamstrings. Get your flow o...

  • 2nd Trimester Precautions

    Precautionary reminders for mothers practicing yoga asana within their second trimester of pregnancy.

  • Loving Kindness (2nd Trimester -1)

    Loving-kindness meditation is a well know practice intended to help us cultivate an unwavering love, acceptance, and hope for the well-being of all living beings. This practice integrates a loving-kindness focus to builds feelings of ease and peacefulness, which can be incredibly powerful in conn...

  • Love Notes (2nd Trimester - 2)

    This practice is focused on opening the tender and tired places in your body. You may notice that this dramatically changes week by week, and this practice is sequenced in a way that will allow us time to explore our physical spaces and see exactly where we may focus some self-love and cafe, like...

  • Goddess Within (2nd Trimester - 3)

    Goddesses have been revered the world over for ages. They are celebrated for their compassion, depth of love, and nurturing hearts. But, goddesses are also respected for their powers of protection, ferocity, and strength. All of these qualities are those of a mother. Use this practice to connect ...

  • You Choose (2nd Trimester - 4)

    This class is sequenced to continually remind you that you are the author of your own story, and you are the one who gets to choose.
    As we move through a full-body sequence, with varying layers and options for physical depth, we can use the poses themselves as metaphors for the way we can make c...

  • Its Not a Race (2nd Trimester - 5)

    A reminder that it’s not a race, not your yoga practice, and not the rest of your life. How quickly we can forget this. Slow down and enjoy the simple rhythm of your breath. Notice the sensations in your body and those that your baby may also be creating as you move and stretch each area of your ...

  • Short, Sweet, and Soulful (2nd Trimester - 6)

    Practicing yoga at home is tricky. This practice is intended for days that you may not have much time to dedicate to a yoga practice, but still feel the need to move your body, breathe deeply and connect with your little love within.

  • 3rd Trimester Precautions

    Precautionary reminders for mothers practicing yoga asana within their third trimester of pregnancy.

  • A Love Like This (3rd Trimester -1)

    There is no love in the world like the love between mother and child. We all know that, but until it is your turn to really experience it you don’t really know. As we crest into the third trimester some of us really need the invitation to slow down, to hold space for what is changing, and to care...

  • Focus on What Matters (3rd Trimester - 2)

    Come home to the quiet knowing of your body and your heart. The world can be a loud place asking you to spread your attention in 100 different directions. Pause and come back to yourself, to your baby, and what matters most to you as a family. Use this practice to reconnect to yourself by relievi...

  • From Within (3rd Trimester - 3)

    This practice invites you to dive into conversation with your intuition - connecting to your inner voice, to the innate wisdom that lives within each of us. Trust that you know more than you think you do, about what is right for you, for your body, your experience, and for your family. Take some ...

  • Here Now (3rd Trimester - 4)

    It can take a lifetime to truly cultivate a practice of presence, and yet potent experiences like being pregnant, giving birth, and drinking in the goodness of a new baby truly prove to pass quickly. This is an invitation to be deeply present for all of it, Be Here Now.
    It will be helpful to set ...

  • Sticky Spots (3rd Trimester - 5)

    Every stage of pregnancy can be challenging. There are no 2 pregnancies exactly alike. Each baby we have will feel different, and each day can be a completely new experience as well. Use this class to focus in on the sore and sticky spots of your body, attending to the obvious places, but also di...

  • Turst Your Body - Trust Your Baby (3rd Trimester - 6)

    As the day of your birth approaches, I hope in every way you can be wrapped in a layer of trust. Trust that your body knows what to do. Trust that your baby does too.
    Spend some time deepening your breath, your focus, and your trust.
    You got this Momma!