Beginner Series

Beginner Series

This beginners series is designed to be progressive. Class by class we will evolve various technique and alignment principals, getting to know the fundamental poses and sequences of Hatha yoga. This series starts with the basics and builds from there, I recommend taking the classes in sequence and repeating any video you find particularly challenging.

There is a lot to discover when we are at the beginning of our yoga journey, it is an exciting time. With these videos as your guide, I hope you will trust that you can meet yourself where you are and grow from there.

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Beginner Series
  • Beginners Series 1 of 6, Foundations

    The first beginners class includes a series introduction and a practice that explains the foundation of some of the most the principal postures of Hatha yoga, including an introduction to the use of our breath.

  • Beginners Series 2 of 6, Transitions

    The second class in the beginners series focuses on transitioning through practice and how to move with awareness from pose to pose, giving our transitions just as much attention as the postures themselves.

  • Beginners Series 3 of 6, Midline

    The third class in our beginners series draws attention to the midline, the physical middle of ourselves. Drawing a connection to our midline and waking up the strength of our core body helps to support our practice with stability and grace.

  • Beginners Series 4 of 6, Rotation

    The fourth class in our beginners series draws awareness to the rotation of our limbs and joints as we move through the postures of our practice. With a greater understanding of rotation during practice, we can reap a deeper physical benefit from the poses that we move through.

  • Beginners Series 5 of 6, Balanced Effort and Ease

    The fifth class in our beginners series takes a look at the yoga concept of balanced effort and ease. Throughout the practice we will give ourselves the opportunity to observe the paring of sensations in the body and the availability of the breath attempting to undercover a place there is a susta...

  • Beginners Series 6 of 6, The Sweet Spot

    The final class of our beginners series gives us a chance to practice poses that we learned in all the other beginner videos. It takes a great deal of repetition and practice to refine all we learned. Over time, and with loving consistency, the hope is we will each be able to uncover the sweet sp...