Yoga for your Work Week

Yoga for your Work Week

10 video package with 5 morning and 5 evening flows.

Each Practice in Yoga for your Work Week is 30mins or under and designed to fit into your busy work life balance. These all levels classes work to target specific body areas that tend to hold the tension of our days, and give us time to breath with purpose.

By taking small amounts of time for ourselves to move mindfully each day we can create life affirming habits that help us to live our best.

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Yoga for your Work Week
  • Rise - Yoga for your Work Week. 1 of 5 AM Practice

    An all levels Hatha Slow Flow intent on waking up the body by making a little space in tension bound places like hips and hamstrings through various lunges, squats and folds. A simple practice to awaken our energy, helping us rise to meet the day!

  • Standing Strong - Yoga for your Work Week. 2 of 5 AM Practices.

    A Flow practice that gets us on our feet and moving. Use this morning practice to refine the steadiness of your foundation, open your chest and shoulders and strengthen your deep inner core and back muscles using poses like locus and firebird to both strengthen the body and refine your focus.

  • Daily Ritual - Yoga for your Work Week. 5 of 5 AM Practices.

    A mindful flow that works intently through the length of the body with breath led movements. The great intention of daily ritual is to support us to inquire about what feels best for us, so we may consider what daily rituals will serves us best body, mind and spirit.

  • From the Core - Yoga for your Work Week. 3 of 5 AM Practices.

    This core focused practice aims at bringing you back into deep connection with your centre. Move through familiar standing poses with an added awareness of how core connection can help assist each pose, making you stronger and more agile. Play with postures like goddess, warrior 3 and maybe even ...

  • Energy Boost - Yoga for your Work Week. 4 of 5 AM Practices.

    A flow practice focused on waking up dormant energy through both strong Salutations and breath Kriyas. This practices is sure to send you into your day awake, clear and ready to tackle what comes!

  • Loosen Off and Let Go - Yoga for your Work Week. 1 of 5 PM Practices

    A class that moves mindfully to unpack the sensation of the day and decompress, letting it all go. The sequence included a number of hip opening pose to create space in the intersection of our back and hips where so much of our tension gets stuck.

  • Release the Day - Yoga for your Work Week. 2 of 5 PM Practices

    This PM practice moves slowly into the depths of the body to release stress and tension from places like hips, hamstrings and shoulders before surrendering into the release of pigeon pose options. Take a deep breath and release the day.

  • Unwind - Yoga for your Work Week. 3 of 5 PM Practices

    Loosen the grip of all that gets bound up in your body and mind, slow down and unwind. This slow moving practice releases neck, back, chest, shoulders, hips and hamstrings. Breathe life into all your parts and unwind.

  • Evening Balance - Yoga for your Work Week. 4 of 5 PM Practices.

    An evening practice to find both literal and figurative balance. Move through postures that will invite you to commit to the support of your foundation, like standing knee to chest poses and firebird, while also connecting (or re-connecting) to a balanced full body breath.

  • Detangle- Yoga for your Work Week. 5 of 5 PM Practices.

    This PM Restorative practice brings us into stillness inviting us to explore supported and releasing poses on our belly, bums, and back. Make sure you have a some props handy, a blanket and a couple cushions, if not a yoga bolster. Let yourself move slowly and find ease, let yourself detangle.