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vin·ya·sa (/vinˈyäsə/)
A fluid style of yoga that continually moves through a series of linked postures supported by the flow of the breath. These classes tend to be quite energetic and invigorating, however this medium pace style allows for more time to explore the postures and refine depth and alignment.

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  • Soar with me

    Soar with me is a vinyasa practice that will focus on finding your balance, and playful grace.

    Warming and opening the body through building sequences, we will explore poses that target the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, so we can find a comfortable variation of eagle pose and eventually ask ...

  • Equanimous

    This twisty playful flow class is sequenced to remind you that no matter what practice (life) throws our way, we can come back to our source and the flow of our breath.

    Move as truly and gracefully as you can through slow building waves, opening your tight places and invite yourself to find and...

  • Clear

    Clear is a grounding flow class that will keep you drawn into yourself by moving very clearly and intentionally to the flow of your breath. A deep, moving meditation that will bring beautiful space to yours hips, hamstrings and side body.

    Relax into your own rhythm, let go of expectation of what...

  • Playful

    This moderate vinyasa class is a whole body tune up. The essence of the entire flow is meant to inspire play and creativity. It’s good to dedicate and take the practice seriously, while we remember not to take ourselves too seriously!

    Expect the shift all around your mat, play with poses you kn...

  • Balance Point

    Balance point is moderate to intermediate flow class that works the whole system of the body to find integrity, stamina and trust.

    Through the peak wave of the class there is an invitation to “take flight” to a flying pigeon variation.

    Feel free to play with this option, pause the video and gi...

  • Powerful Crow

    As the name of the class suggests this class invites us to find all the building block elements that supported core pose. Expect to focus in on core integration, foundation, and getting the body to respond as a single unit.

    When we have the opportunity to break poses like crow down slowly, rhyt...

  • Lift Off

    This intermediate flow class is all about playing! Evolve your strength and full body integration through classic poses like planks, yoga push ups, lunges, and core lifts, into the fun postures that may lift right up off the floor, like koundinyasana and 8 angle pose!

    Classes like this are much...

  • Free

    One of my favourite ways to explore a sequence, with an invitation to close our eyes for almost half of it!

    Free moves through a simple flow sequence two times. The first time we get familiar with the sequence, and the second time we take the opportunity, as often as we feel balanced enough to d...

  • Rooted

    Rooted is an All Levels Vinyasa practice.

    The focus of the practice is to open the senses to the different direction of energy within our bodies, specifically our ability to find stability with a grounding, rooting energy, as well as our ability to to find lightness and lift through an upward c...

  • Earth Element

    Connecting to Earth Element brings us back home to ourselves, to what is stabile and true.

    Through this vinyasa flow sequence we have the opportunity to strongly identify our foundation, and foundational habits. As we move we will continually work to reground both our body and focus, through eac...

  • Fire Element

    Warm up with the element of fire. This Vinyasa class with take you on a journey, letting the fire element transform all things through Breath Kriya, creating strength and stability in poses like Side Plank (and side plank options) as well as lighting up the centre of the body through core inspire...

  • Water Element

    This water element vinyasa class is fluid and invites us to find the rhythm and link between our breath and our body, as we explore each and every posture. Ujjayi (ocean breath) leads the way as we pulse through various flowing waves, unpacking dancing warrior sequences, sweeping lunges and pulsi...

  • Air Element

    This intermediate vinyasa flow will challenge you to connect with air element deeply, and use your breath as a reference point to consistently lead you to the right option, and right variation of each pose.

    The sequence offers a deep opening of hips and shoulders through multiple bus stops of b...

  • Sweat

    This flow is simple but strong. There are no incredibly complicated poses in this class, but instead a chance to bring your strength to some classic moving postures, vinyasas and core work.

    Be prepared to sweat a bit and smile.

  • Permission to Play

    Open up to a layer of play with this fun vinyasa sequence that will charge up your body with core connection, playful standing splits and an invitation to meet baby grasshopper. Connect to your inner spark and let yourself play!

  • Root Down and Rise

    This dynamic vinyasa flow class focused on the pairing the forces of rooting into foundation to rise to our potential, expanding into upward growth. The movement of the class links core connected poses with deep twists and a couple of expansive heart openers. Check in with your roots and grow.

  • Familiar Presence

    This flow class invites us to experience a repetitive sequence that allows both time to refine our postures and as well as notice how we respond to consistency and repetition. Becoming familiar with the sequence may lead us to comfort, knowing what is coming, and also can be challenging to stay 1...

  • Mind-Body Reset

    This moderately paced all levels vinyasa class is equal parts strength and release, focused on waking up the body and releasing the nervous system with a number of cooldown poses. The practice will open the hips and chest with its standing sequence, pigeon pose combination of reclined postures.

  • Indulge In Now

    Anchor your mind with this thoughtful vinyasa sequence aimed at drawing you deeply into your present experience. Through warming waves of poses that stabilize the centre of the body and open the hips, we will work our way to a standing balance, allowing us to deeply participate the moment we are ...

  • Limitless

    Limitless is a moderate vinyasa practice that invites you to strip away all the various layers of your identity to make space beyond the edges of your own softly contained limits.

    The sequence offers us space through the shoulders, chest, upper back as well as into the hips, with poses such as w...

  • Bliss Bound

    This vinyasa practice takes us on a journey through the layers of self, known in yoga philosophy as the koshas. The sequences warms us up to connect with the body, pauses from time to time to notice the energy and the mind, and eventually lays us to rest where we might link to our intuition and b...

  • Expansive

    The idea of heart opening practices, from both a physical and metaphorical stand point, is to make space.

    It is common for a lot of us to carry a great deal of tension and stress through the areas of shoulders, chest and upper back. At a minimum, this practice will helps us make some space in ...

  • Standing Strong - Yoga for your Work Week. 2 of 5 AM Practices.

    A Flow practice that gets us on our feet and moving. Use this morning practice to refine the steadiness of your foundation, open your chest and shoulders and strengthen your deep inner core and back muscles using poses like locus and firebird to both strengthen the body and refine your focus.

  • Guest House

    This vinyasa sequence wakes up our core strength through poses like firebird, downward dog crunches and variations of side plank. The practice encourages us to meet the moment and experience we are in with humility and honour, seeing each pose and sequence as both a guest and a teacher.