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Vinyasa • 45m

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  • Earth Element

    Connecting to Earth Element brings us back home to ourselves, to what is stabile and true.

    Through this vinyasa flow sequence we have the opportunity to strongly identify our foundation, and foundational habits. As we move we will continually work to reground both our body and focus, through eac...

  • Fire Element

    Warm up with the element of fire. This Vinyasa class with take you on a journey, letting the fire element transform all things through Breath Kriya, creating strength and stability in poses like Side Plank (and side plank options) as well as lighting up the centre of the body through core inspire...

  • Water Element

    This water element vinyasa class is fluid and invites us to find the rhythm and link between our breath and our body, as we explore each and every posture. Ujjayi (ocean breath) leads the way as we pulse through various flowing waves, unpacking dancing warrior sequences, sweeping lunges and pulsi...