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Standing Strong - Yoga for your Work Week. 2 of 5 AM Practices.

Vinyasa • 24m

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  • Guest House

    This vinyasa sequence wakes up our core strength through poses like firebird, downward dog crunches and variations of side plank. The practice encourages us to meet the moment and experience we are in with humility and honour, seeing each pose and sequence as both a guest and a teacher.

  • What Makes You Come Alive

    This Vinyasa flow sequences will open our chest, hips, sides, and back, leading us toward a balance posture of your choice - Dancers pose or Sugarcane pose (ardha chandra chapasana). The practice evolves in a way that each wave of the sequences offers us new ways to expand our postures, opening o...

  • Transition and Grace

    This vinyasa flow practice blends various hip opening and balance postures like Dancer and standing pigeon pose to help us connect to the layer of focus necessary to move and transition gracefully from one challenge to the next - the way both asana and life tend to present us such challenges. Con...