vin·ya·sa (/vinˈyäsə/)
A fluid style of yoga that continually moves through a series of linked postures supported by the flow of the breath. These classes tend to be quite energetic and invigorating, however this medium pace style allows for more time to explore the postures and refine depth and alignment.

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  • What Makes You Come Alive

    This Vinyasa flow sequences will open our chest, hips, sides, and back, leading us toward a balance posture of your choice - Dancers pose or Sugarcane pose (ardha chandra chapasana). The practice evolves in a way that each wave of the sequences offers us new ways to expand our postures, opening o...

  • Transition and Grace

    This vinyasa flow practice blends various hip opening and balance postures like Dancer and standing pigeon pose to help us connect to the layer of focus necessary to move and transition gracefully from one challenge to the next - the way both asana and life tend to present us such challenges. Con...

  • From the Core - Yoga for your Work Week. 3 of 5 AM Practices.

    This core focused practice aims at bringing you back into deep connection with your centre. Move through familiar standing poses with an added awareness of how core connection can help assist each pose, making you stronger and more agile. Play with postures like goddess, warrior 3 and maybe even ...

  • At the Core

    This core focused practice aims at bringing you back into deep connection with your centre. Move through familiar standing poses with an added awareness of how core connection can help assist each pose, making you stronger and more agile. Play with postures like goddess, warrior 3 and maybe even ...

  • Energy Boost - Yoga for your Work Week. 4 of 5 AM Practices.

    A flow practice focused on waking up dormant energy through both strong Salutations and breath Kriyas. This practices is sure to send you into your day awake, clear and ready to tackle what comes!

  • Layers of Gratitude

    This all levels flow class opens all out tender physical spots, upper back, chest, shoulders, hips and hamstrings. It invites us to remember that we can move gracefully and hold an awareness of gratitude even when life and practice serves us up unexpected challenges.

  • Steady

    This class combines core strength, standing poses that require stamina, and some challenging transitions to help us access our steadiness. Some say being steady is a state of mind, but finding steadiness in form can be hugely beneficial as well.

    Meet yourself where you are, focus, and evolve.

  • Stable

    Stable is designed to stabilize the centre of our body while opening the sidelines of waist, hips, hamstrings and outer IT band. Once we’re good and warm we will move toward a twisted balance pose, sure to fire up our stabilizer muscles, and leave each of us feeling anchored and poised.

  • Strong

    Strong is a class that explores core strength through targeted exercises as well as full body poses and integration. Fire up your strength through various boat poses, planks, forearm planks and dogs, lunges and floor work too. Strong from the center of us. Strong from the inside out!

  • Sky Above Me

    Sky above me is an expansive, all-levels Vinyasa flow practice.

    Expect this short practice to offer you spacious stretch to the entire body, and a chance to balance and expand into both physical and mental spaces, with the understanding, within and without, that the sky is the limit.

    *On a te...

  • Joyful

    Joyful is a playful class that uses the wall as a support to explore a sequence of balancing poses. Setting your mat close to a wall will be beneficial for this class.

    Give yourself the opportunity to uncover simple joy as you move and breathe space through your body and practice postures that g...

  • Humble Devotion

    Humbled devotion is a slow-moving Vinyasa practice that uses Bhakti (devotion) salutations, and sequences focusing on opening hips and shoulders, to lead us to some deep bowing shapes, in humbled warrior and pigeon pose.

    Moving with keen awareness this class invites you to devote reverence and ...

  • Align

    Align is an all levels Vinyasa practice with stages, adaptations and modifications to explore. A mindful and fluid practice that opens into hips, shoulders and quadricep muscles, while stabilizing our centre.

    Aligning the body, sometimes, is a beautiful first step to realigning our mind and heart.

  • Shake off the Day

    An all levels Vinyasa Flow practice to shake off the day, getting you out of your head, and into your body.

    Expect to move differently than normal in the class that will turn your body from the front of your mat to the back, and side to side too.

    Press pause, breathe deeply and shake off the ...

  • Get up and Go

    A morning practice to stretch some life through our body and focus our minds for a bright and successful day.
    A fluid, slow-flowing full body practice. Yoga is the nicest way to start the day!

  • Lotus Flow

    A Vinyasa Flow practice that invites us to see the challenge of growth to be both beautiful and necessary. This practice warms the body and prepares the hips for a half version of the lotus pose, padmasana. The reminder continuously through this class is that if we can meet ourselves exactly wher...

  • Love is a Bridge

    This half-hour intermediate practice is sequenced to fire up your body and your heart. Move through salutations that make a lot of space in the upper back and shoulders, strengthen your legs and core, and hopefully leave you feeling committed to Love - of yourself, your life, and your ever-evolvi...

  • Wrist Free Dynamic Flow

    This wrist free practices move with the rate of your breath to give you a vinyasa style experience without poses that cause pressure in the wrists.
    One translation of the word Vinyasa is to place in a special way, and so this practice makes special consideration to move in such a way that we fal...

  • Fire Me Up

    This short dynamic flow is sequenced for days that you really want to get after it, but you don’t have much time. Drop-in and move fluidly through this full spectrum flow that takes a quick trip through all the areas of the body.

  • Spicy

    This warming flow is full of playful variations of binds and balances, for those of us that like our practice spicy!
    The whole class is an invitation to explore and wobble (which I do the whole time) to give yourself permission to fall out and try again. My personal execution of the peak pose of ...

  • Suns Out - Funs Out

    This 30-minute, playful vinyasa flow is intended to remind you that summer is about HAVING FUN! Ride the wave of your breath, get fluid with your movements, and enjoy a sequence that will offer a little heat, some yummy twists, and an opportunity to balancing on your hands (should you be so incli...

  • Coming Back to the Mat Vinyasa

    Coming Back to the Mat Vinyasa is an all-levels flow class that is intended to ease you back into your vinyasa practice after a break or a period of time without practice. The practice moves through all of the familiar standing poses but also keeps a fluid pace to help the body remember how great...

  • Afternoon Delight

    A quick, very fluid practice intended to re-energize the body and clear the mind. The practice moves inquisitively through a full spectrum sequence, giving each area of the body a little space, accompanied by some deep clearing breaths.

  • Lets Heat Things Up

    This is a quick moving, strength building practice. You can expect balance, core stability, deep engagement of arms and legs, and a little fun too.
    Let’s heat things up!!